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Nova Centre

The culmination of several years of integrated design and construction, the Nova Centre is more than just a structure, aspiring to bring our tenants and community together by creating an urban centrepiece.  A crossroad where industry and culture flourish.

Inspired by the history and community of downtown Halifax, the architecture pays tribute to our seafaring past, with the main tower drawing inspiration from a rising sail of a ship arriving in the Halifax Harbour, while at the same time providing a modern, sustainable home for offices, hotel, local businesses, and the community.

Developed by a committed design and construction team, the Nova Centre incorporates sustainability throughout, inviting the local community into the development through the pedestrian-friendly extension of Grafton Street.  Energy efficiency has been optimized through the building envelope and mechanical and electrical systems, while the selection of materials favoured local, sustainable content.

Explore this newest addition to the Halifax skyline, and learn more about Nova Centre's sustainability features and initiatives.

Want to Learn More about Green Buildings?

Click on the link to learn more about the Canada Green Building Council

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